Sophie Hay

Lead Design

Sophie Hay, Lead Design of Adrianse Global
Morning person?

Yes - super early

Favourite Sunday activity

Trail Running, Walking in the bush with the dogs

What inspires you

Strong, Articulate, Thoughtful Women

Holiday preference

France, Ski-ing

What do you most want to know?

The true story of the Pyramids

Music I groove to

Anything Ministry of Sound

Sophie is a dreamer. Always believing in striving to get the best outcome for the organisation that she is designing for. Forward-thinking and striving for excellence she likes to challenge clients with their concept for future use and reflecting the core values of particular organisations. Sophie has extensive experience working in Sydney, Melbourne and across Asia with large companies. Corporate design has always been her passion and a conviction that office space needs to find a core and reflect the true essence of each organisation. With both design and finishes. Demonstrating strengths in reflecting solid spatial design, initial space plan, workplace design and conceptual thinking she loves listening to the needs of people and interpreting them into a great end space. Always trying to challenge the norm, converting an abstract vision into a reality through good quality design and finishes, and always with a laugh.

"When nothing is certain - everything is possible" - Unknown.