Praveen Kumar

Sr. Associate - Engineering & Technology

Praveen Kumar, Sr. Associate - Engineering & Technology of Adrianse Global
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Sky Diving (Have Completed Training in Static Line Sky Dive)

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Nature & Beach

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Classical and Fusion

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Praveen comes with a rich experience of managing and delivering projects for both local and international clients. He has spent a good part of his career in Singapore providing workplace technical and technology solutions for various Financial, Banking, IT, Technology, Pharma and Retail clientele. A “Never say No” attitude and his ability in solving complex problems calmly is something that stands out. Praveen carries 14 years of technical and technology experience in designing, managing and delivering workplace projects in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines (Manila & Iloilo), Taiwan, Australia, Beijing and Hong Kong.

I believe that the "intelligence is the ability to adapt to change".