Nandini J

Associate - Design & Technology

Nandini J, Associate - Design & Technology of Adrianse Global
Morning person?


Favourite Sunday activity

Brunching, music, movies

If you werent in your current profession, what would you be?

Literature or a photographer

People love working with you because?

I am a team player. I collaborate and co-create.

Dog lover or cat person?


Heart or brain?

Heart. I believe it knows beyond what the brain can deciper.

A certified architect with about 15 years of experience, driven by passion. Having varied experience in domains of architecture like practice, research and academics. Her forte is in Design/ Building Technology and computational design. She has been a part of enabling the right use of technology and witness the ordinary soar into the extraordinary. Nandini always believed in keeping the humane alive amidst all the evolution. Always a team player. Practicality with creativity is what she follow at work.

If you can dream it, it's possible. All solutions to the impossible began with a possibility.