Mansi Pandita

Senior Associate

Mansi Pandita, Senior Associate of Adrianse Global
My biggest fear

Losing the ones I love

What inspires me

Positivity and persistence

Retirement plans

Farm in the country

What I most want to know

Why are weekends only 2 days?

People love working with me because

I am a good listener and I make work fun

Biggest achievement

Yet to come

Mansi has experience as a project lead in global organizations specializing in the workplace environments for office spaces of multinational companies. She is known to motivate the design and the projects team to provide excellent client services, ensuring quality in design and delivery. Before joining adrianse*, Mansi was heading the studio as the design lead for productizing design with a vision of modularisation of design and on-site works. Her key role was to lead the new vision, from a design and execution standpoint

I believe that our mind is a powerful thing. When we fill it with positivity, life starts to change for the better.