Kiran Khushalani


Kiran Khushalani, Associate of Adrianse Global
Favourite Sunday activity


Wine preference


What I most want to know

Who let the dogs out?

Retirement plans

Volunteer work

People love working with me because

I bring treats

Music I groove to


If Kiran were to point out the recipe for her impressive track record of over 25 years of managing project teams, it would simply be her strong technical and detailed knowledge about work. Her journey towards being a highly experienced interior architect started with her Diploma in Architecture from Women's Polytechnic, Maharani Bagh in 1993 and furthered by BArch from AIIA, Mumbai in 1999. She has demonstrated her immense passion for the craft that shows in her exquisite style of working and has been associated with adrianse* India since 1997. Always ready to take on challenging jobs, she believes the best results come from working with the team.

Whoever said money cannot buy happiness has not known the joys of shopping.