Aneeta Nandakumar

Associate - Client Solutions

Aneeta Nandakumar, Associate - Client Solutions of Adrianse Global
What inspires me

Wilderness and unique

Retirement plans

Continuing work on my greenhouse/learning astronomy and performing arts

One word to describe my design thinking


People love working with me because

It is hard to ignore me

Dog lover or cat person?

Dogs for life

Music I groove to

Progressive rock/ghazals

Aneeta is a passionate, result-driven, self-starter, with 10 years of experience in business development. She has credible experience in driving revenue growth and building client alliances across the Asia Pacific and the United States. Aneeta assures her clients that she is their integrator and single point of contact when it comes to problem-solving. She brings a unique perspective to the projects with her technical background in design and having a vision for business growth. In her previous work environments, she excelled as a seller and a doer who kick-started operations/client representation in potential new markets. When not working, you could find her on a hiking trail.

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery, why we climb.