Anup Surya


Anup Surya, Associate of Adrianse Global
My kind of adventure

Off roading

Favourite Sunday activity

Spending quality time with family

My biggest fear

Room filled with smoke

Retirement plans

Get a farm land and chill

One word to describe my design thinking


Shadows or lights?


With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Anup has successfully led and managed numerous projects across sectors like IT, ITES, SEZs and FinTech. Owing to his varied and extensive professional experience and skill, he ensures the best outcomes for our clients and therefore enables us to respond to both the financial and project needs with a meticulous level of detail. As a seasoned technical designer with a focus on workplace planning & strategy implementation, he involves himself at every project stage - from consultant coordination and contract administration through to project management and site supervision.

I believe that God is in the details. You take care of it, and everything will be alright.